More Than 30 German Shepherds, Other Large Dogs Found Abandoned in Home

Authorities are attempting to find the homeowner after discovery two dead dogs among about 30 abandoned in the Highland house

More than 30 German shepherds and other large dogs were found abandoned at a home in a San Bernardino County community where neighbors reported "nonstop" barking and a horrible odor.

The dogs, including two dead dogs, were found in a Highland home that was red-tagged by the County of San Bernardino Department of Public Health.

One responder called the conditions "deplorable" and neighbors complained of the odor and barking they lived next to for years.

"Barking, barking, barking nonstop like a kennel," said neighbor  Irene Bermudez-Staggs.

Officials seized 34 dogs, including one pregnant German shepherd. The animals ranged in age from one to eight years old.

The owner could not be located at the time when the dogs were taken by animal control officers.

"I think that's when they red-tagged it, in the middle of last week, and then when I got home from work Thursday, I didn't see 'em anymore," said neighbor Albert Marines.

It was unclear why the owner had so many German shephard mixes, but one rescuer doubted it was an animal breeding operation because of the dogs' ages.

The dogs were in the custody of San Bernardino County Devore Animal Shelter.

None of the rescued dogs were available for adoption as officials sorted out the situation.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said once officials find the owner, he could face several criminal charges, including animal cruelty.

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