Hundreds Gather to Hold Vigil for Missing 8-Year-Old Corona Boy

Noah's father, 32-year-old Bryce McIntosh, is in jail, as is 36-year-old Jillian Godfrey, Noah's mother.

Hundreds of people gathered in Corona for a vigil Sunday night, reminding the community to keep searching for 8-year-old Noah McIntosh, who has been missing for weeks.

Blue ribbons placed all over the city of Corona serve as reminders for the community to keep looking and not lose hope, but no one has seen or heard from the 8-year-old boy in weeks, with both his parents under arrest in connection with the boy's disappearance.

"To me, Noah brought joy every time I saw him," Brooklynn Swope, a neighbor said.

Friends, neighbors and strangers composed the gathering of more than 200 people at Spyglass Park in Corona Sunday night.

"We just want him found safe, that's it," Patricia Cabello, a Corona resident, said.

"We're all out here as a community coming together to try and show love and support for our community and to keep the faith that he's still around and we can bring him home safe," Angie Lopez, another Corona resident, says. 

A few days earlier, Corona police returned to Noah's home, an apartment he shared with his father and older sister. Police used specialized cameras and collected evidence.

But still, they Noah was nowhere to be seen.

Noah's father, 32-year-old Bryce McIntosh, is in jail, as is 36-year-old Jillian Godfrey, Noah's mother. Both were charged this week in connection to the boy's disappearance.

"It's scary to think if they were involved, it's horrible, and it shocks my neighborhood," Swope, who says she misses the boy's smile, said.

Meanwhile, police in Corona share the residents' frustrations in being unable to crack the case and either bring the boy back safe or bring closure to the community.

"We will bring justice for Noah, if that time comes," the Corona Police Department Chief of Police says.

Meanwhile, Noah's family is too distraught to face the crowd but sends a message to supporters. Another focus of concern, Noah's 11-year-old sister now faces her little brother's disappearance and the arrest of both her parents.

"She's seeing all the blue ribbons and all the love that's coming their way and it's helping them have peace during their days," the family sends the message to the crowd.

This community, from the police to the schools and strangers, promises to help in any way they can.

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