Hunt For Clues Intensifies in Search for Missing College Student

A team of law enforcement officers on horseback to searched hillsides and ravines, hunting for clues in the mysterious disappearance of Sahray Barber.

As day four dawned Thursday in the search for a missing San Bernardino woman who mysteriously disappeared right outside the campus of Cal State San Bernardino, the hunt for clues intensified.

San Bernardino police got a tip that a body may have been seen in a ravine just south of the 10 Freeway in Live Oak Canyon early in the day.

They immediately sent in a team of law enforcement officers on horseback to search the area, hunting for clues in the mysterious disappearance of Sahray Barber.

"She's probably scared if she's still alive. If she's dead I couldn't even imagine what happened. It's really sad," said Jessica Padilla, a gardener from nearby Redlands. Padilla was just one of the thousands in the community who are concerned about Barber disappearance, which came on the heels of two assaults on women at the nearby university campus.

By afternoon, the search shifted to Little Mountain, just west of the campus. Police on horseback searched the hillsides looking for any evidence that could lead them to the 22-year-old art student who is just two weeks from graduating from the Art Institute of California.

"I hope we are not looking for a body,” said Lt. Richard Lawhead, spokesman for the San Bernardino Police Department. “But again there always are those possibilities and we don't want to leave anything unturned."

Barber was last seen Monday, leaving her apartment which is across the street from Cal State San Bernardino.
Her personal belongings, including her cellphone and laptop, were found in nearby bushes, which according to police seemed strange because they appeared to have been placed there on purpose.

"She has no history of running away. She has a history of communicating with her family. During that communication there didn't appear to be any problems in her life," Lawhead said.

Barber lives with two roommates, a husband and wife who also have a small child.

Investigators say they and Barber’s former boyfriend have been cooperative.

Just a few doors down, there is a poster warning people about a man who has attacked two female students at Cal State.

Police said it is possible that Barber’s disappearance could be connected.

"We haven't ruled out anything,” Lawhead said. “We're looking at it from all angles."

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