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Huntington Harbour Swimming Spots Reopen After Sewage Spill

Orange County health officials are lifting a closure at several swimming spots in Huntington Harbour Friday, right before the start of Labor Day weekend.

Officials closed Huntington Harbour after a blocked sewer main sent 60,000 gallons of sewage spilling into the water.

Anaheim Bay, Sunset Aquatic Marina, Portofino Cove, Anderson Street Marina, Mother’s Beach, and Admiralty Drive in the City of Huntington Beach were all reopened after the closure Thursday. 

The water was closed to swimmers, surfers and paddle boarders but OC Health Care Agency announced water samples collected meet standards, and no warnings were in effect. 

"The closure yesterday was a precautionary measure, but testing has shown the waters were not contaminated," said Michelle Steel, Vice Chair of the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Orange County Health officials said the source of the spill came from Stanton. 

But the Mayor of Stanton David John Shawver says that is not accurate.

He said the spill that occurred in Stanton was contained.

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