Investigation Underway After Deer Shot Near Homes in Monrovia

Surveillance video showing a man shooting a deer in a Monrovia neighborhood has angered people in the area and prompted an investigation by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

The home surveillance video recorded Thursday afternoon shows what appears to be a man armed with a bow and arrow who shoots the deer. The video doesn't show the deer being struck, but the animal is seen running by in the street. 

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said the agency is conducting an investigation. Monrovia police confirmed to NBC4 that it is illegal to shoot a bow and arrow in the city without a permit.

"We have interviewed the suspect and (are) conducting an investigation," Andrew Hughan of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said in a statement. "We are planning on filing a case with the L.A. County District Attorney."

The man in the video has been identified and contacted by authorities.

The Tapert family found the footage on their home security cameras after finding blood in the streets. Resident told NBC4 they consider the deer part of the neighborhood in the foothill community.

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