Kittens Stuck on Bank Roof Rescued After Two Months

All three male kittens were found safe, and the group found a surprise female tabby – Buttons.

Three kittens were rescued from the roof of a Chase Bank on Monday after being stuck on the building for over two months. 

Rescue efforts began nearly a month ago, but the bank said its property manager was initially denying roof access to volunteers. Volunteers were allowed on the roof on June 20, but were unable to locate the kittens after placing traps to lure them out of cool hiding places.

Two volunteers, the property owner and the El Segundo Police Department returned to the building Friday for another attempt at scooping the kittens off the roof. This time, their efforts were successful.

All three male kittens were safe. They were named Roofus, Chase and Cash.

The group also found a surprise female tabby – Buttons. Buttons is about one year old and Roofus, Chase and Cash are about 12 weeks old.

"They are all a little scared, but friendly, and available for forever homes," said Marla Marinelli, one of the volunteers. "This was a longer than usual process but well worth it."

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