Stores Evacuated During Four-Hour SWAT Standoff at Koreatown Strip Mall

Nearby streets were closed as armored vehicles and officers closed in on Shine Bargain store

A Koreatown grocery store and several other strip mall businesses were evacuated Tuesday afternoon during a SWAT standoff with a man wanted in a nearby shooting. 

The tense afternoon began when police saw a man about a block from the strip mall shoot someone in the foot after an argument. The shooter then ran inside the A&A Shine Bargain store in the 2900 block of West 8th Street.

About a dozen people were in the store. 

During the four-hour standoff, aerial video showed officers in tactical gear escorting people out of a nearby restaurant, Metro PCS store and a financial services business before they entered the grocery store. At least two young children carried by adults were among those evacuated from Shine Bargain. 

Many of the customers and employees sought shelter before being evacuated.

"It's kind of scary because you're waiting to see what's going on," said Jackie Luna, who was evacuated from a business. 

At least two armored SWAT vehicles were at the scene. Officers blocked off the street in front of the strip mall during the standoff. 

The shooter, identified only as a 41-year-old man, was taken into custody at about 4 p.m. He was expected to be booked after he was treated for injuries at a hospital.

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