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LA City Council Honors Seismologist Lucy Jones for Earthquake Work in Southern California

Los Angeles names March 29 the official Dr. Lucy Jones Day

Seismologist Lucy Jones was honored by the LA City Council and the city of Los Angeles Wednesday, after she officially retired from the US Geological Survey.

Led by LA Councilman Mitch Englander, the city council named March 30 Dr. Lucy Jones Day for the 30 years of service that Jones, dubbed the "Earthquake Lady," has provided to Southern California earthquake research.

"We thank you for making us a safer community, a safer city, a safer nation and a safer world," Englander said during the ceremony at City Hall.

Jones' work includes the probability of foreshocks and aftershocks, which helped establish the state of California's earthquake advisories. She served as the science advisor for seismic safety to Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2014.

She also helped develop the ShakeOut movement to educate everyone from students to adults on how to conduct an earthquake drill. The drill is conducted in 50 states by over 21.2 million people.

A research associate at California Institute of Technology, Jones announced she would retire from her position at the USGS on March 18.

Despite her resignation, she will be staying on at Cal Tech and hopes to start a non-profit to successfully join science and public policy.

"I want to have a little more time for myself, and more time to focus on things that matter to me," she said.

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