LA County Approves Plan to Give Homeless Safe Parking Sites

The plan will designate 20 public health parking spaces in Hollywood and North Hollywood for those who live out of their vehicles.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors took a step toward what they believe will help ease the county's homeless crisis on Tuesday.

The board approved a roughly $120,000 plan to create 20 parking spaces between two lots, one in Hollywood and one in North Hollywood, to be used as 'safe parking' for those living out of vehicles.

The lot at the public health center in Hollywood will open on Monday while the one in North Hollywood will open in July.

The county hopes to provide a safe environment for people who live out of their cars or motorhomes. Occupants of the parking lots could also begin receiving help to find permanent housing.

Although the 20 spaces won't solve homlessness for the roughly 16,000 people estimated to be living in their vehicles in LA county, several people told NBC4 that this is a small step in the right direction.

"Be able to live comfortable, instead of being in a neighborhood where they're constantly ridiculed," said John Beck, who lives in an RV.

The parking lots will be run by a non-profit group called Safe Parking LA. The group is funded by the county through Measure H.

The plan will provide safe parking lots for six months, unless the county extends the program.

"It just takes communication. That’s what it all boils down to," said Playa Vista resident Demetrius Walk. "It's a stepping-stone to a solution."

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