Reckless Pursuit Driver Sideswipes Big Rig, Cars on Burbank Freeway

The driver hid in a narrow gap between a detached garage and block wall after ditching the truck in a dead-end alley

A driver in a flatbed truck rammed into several vehicles Thursday during a pursuit in the Burbank area before hiding in a narrow space between a garage and block wall. 

The man surrendered after a standoff with police that lasted about 40 minutes.

The pursuit began on the 5 Freeway after a report of a stolen truck. The driver clipped vehicles, including a big rig, on the freeway before sideswiping at least one parked car on a Burbank street.

The shirtless and barefoot driver ran from the truck after entering a dead-end alley in the 1900 block of Keeler Street in Burbank. He broke through a fence and squeezed into a gap between a detached garage and block wall.

A woman who lives at the home said she heard police and television news helicopters and came outside to see what was going on.

"I came outside and it was very scary to see that he was right here," Carole Armendiaz said. "The police told me to get inside, lock the door and get my dog inside."

The man appeared to take off his shorts during the standoff. He put them back on before climbing over the wall and surrendering.

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