Santa Monica

LA Marathon Prepares to Deal With Trash After Race

"We’re really recycling as much of the material as we can"

The LA Marathon is this Sunday and as some runners are preparing for the race others are preparing for the trash that may be in their way.

The race will begin at Dodgers Stadium and end in Santa Monica. The L.A. Marathon is working to pick up, donate, compost or recycle waste along the path before and after the race, as part of the L.A. Marathon’s goal of being more sustainable, NBC4's media partner KPCC reports.

"It really bugs me when I see people just throw their cups down because there’s trash cans right there," said three-time marathon runner Karen Hopkins told KPCC. "Most of us out there, we’re just doing this to finish, we’re not gonna win a prize. We’re not the elite runners, so if it takes you two seconds to throw it in a trash can, you should do that."

Last year the marathon disposed 62 percent of its waste and hopes to reach 75 percent this year.

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