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‘Our Children Are Counting On You': LA Protesters Demand Stronger Gun Control Following Florida Shooting

Many chanted, "Ho, ho, hey, hey, our kids, not the NRA."

Hundreds of sign-carrying, chanting protesters converged on a downtown Los Angeles park Monday, demanding tougher background checks and other gun-safety measures following last week's deadly school shooting in Florida.

About 500 protesters gathered in LA's Pershing Square shortly before noon. Many chanted, "Ho, ho, hey, hey, our kids, not the NRA."

Others held signs proclaiming, "Our Children Are Counting On You."

Last week's shooting killed 17 people at Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The "People's Rally Against Gun Violence" was organized by activist groups Drain the NRA and Moms Demands Action, encouraging LA residents to join the protest via Facebook.

At the rally, activists and friends and family members affected by gun violence urged lawmakers to pass gun control legislation and refuse donations from the National Rifle Association.

"As long as the NRA has a stranglehold on our politicians...our politicians won't do anything about gun violence until we do something about them," shouted Laura Mannino, co-founder of Drain the NRA.

One of Monday's protesters, Samantha Dorf, said she supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms but believes stronger background checks for gun buyers are needed.

The mother of two and member of Moms Demand Action also wants to see tougher laws aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of children.

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