Los Angeles Sues Owners of Alleged White Supremacist Hangout

The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office on Monday sued three people, asking that a Canoga Park home where a white supremacist gang gathers that has been the site of ongoing drug sales since 2011 be declared a public nuisance.

The Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit name as defendants 50-year-old Lisa Bellinaso; her 79-year-old mother, Isabella Bellinaso; and Lisa Bellinaso's 37-year-old boyfriend, Ryan Matthew Andrews.

In addition to the declaration of a public nuisance, the city is asking that a judge enjoin further narcotic dealings at the home in the 8400 block of Remmet Avenue, where Andrews and Lisa Bellinaso live.

The defendants could not be immediately reached.

According to the complaint, the property "is a hospitable place for gang members and their associates," in particular one group that "embraces white supremacist ideology and has ties to the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang."

One gang member was arrested last October with a quantity of methamphetamine while sitting in his car, while another was taken into custody in December outside the home with a rifle and live ammunition that he used in a burglary, the suit alleges.

"These and other gang members are able to further their gang activity by using the property as a safe haven to buy, sell and use narcotics, store stolen property and exert control over the neighborhood," the suit alleges.

Both Lisa Bellinaso and Andrews have been arrested several times for drug-related crimes at the home, the suit states. Lisa Bellinaso owned the property from 2002 until late 2010 or early 2011, when she transferred it to a trust controlled by her mother, the suit states.

Lisa Bellinaso also has been arrested for diverting electrical power to the property through a bypass of a Department of Water and Power meter, the suit alleges.

Andrews is a long-time drug user and seller and has been convicted of at least seven narcotics-related offenses since 2000, the suit alleges.

The home is less than a half-mile from the LAPD's Topanga Community Police Station and is a similar distance from Nevada Elementary School and Lanark Park, the suit states. Parthenia Park is within a mile, the suit states.

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