Los Angeles

Los Angeles Tops Postal Service Dog Attack List

There were 80 dog attacks on LA postal workers last year.

Los Angeles leads the nation in postal service dog attacks, according to an annual report released by the United States Postal Service. There were 80 dog attacks on LA postal workers last year.

Attacks nationwide increased last year to 6,755, more than 200 higher than the previous year, NBC4's media partner KPCC reports.

"Even good dogs have bad days," Postal Service Safety Director Linda DeCarlo said in a statement.

The report was released as part of Dog Bite Prevention Week, along with tips for how dog owners can avoid unfortunate incidents between their pets and letter carriers.

The USPS recommends keeping dogs in a different room if mail gets delivered to the front door, avoiding interaction between dog owners and mail carriers that dogs could perceive as a threat and indicating the presence of a dog on the property by visiting USPS.com.

Houston, Cleveland, San Diego and Louisville rounded out the top five.

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