LAPD Officer Fatally Shot Someone 12 Days Before Killing Another

An LAPD officer fatally shot someone 12 days before killing another, NBC4 has learned from our sister station Telemundo52.

The mother of a 14-year-old Jesse Romero who was fatally shot by a Los Angeles police officer was shocked to learn the news.

Teresa Dominguez, who is suing the department for the death of her son, wondered why did the department allowed the officer back to work after he had just killed someone else.

LAPD officials declined to comment, but Mayor Eric Garcetti issued a statement, saying, "While we cannot discuss personnel questions or ongoing investigations relating to the deaths of Jesse Romero and Omar Gonzalez, the Mayor empathizes with loved ones who are grieving and in pain, and understands the gravity of these cases and the sensitivity around them."

LAPD policy says officers returning to the field after a shooting requires the approval of the police chief. That comes after a briefing with command staff about the offier's "readiness and suitability" as well as a psychological evaluation.

The LAPD said that usually happens three days after the incident, but could take longer.

The department confirms Officer Eden Medina was back in the field and cleared for duty six days after the shooting death of Omar Gonzalez, a man they say was armed when he got into a fight with officers after a pursuit.

Police confirm Medina fired his weapon twice, killing Gonzalez.

Cleared for duty six days later, he was back in East Los Angeles, on the job, and would soon be the one who pulled the trigger and killed Jesse Romero, who police claim first fired at them.

Romero's mother calls the officer an assassin and questions whether her son would still be alive today if the LAPD had replaced Medina in the field while his first shooting investigation continued.

He should be in jail for his killings, she says, adding that her faith in LAPD brass is broken.

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