LAPD Officer, Wife Receive Cancer Diagnoses Around the Same Time

Funds are being raised for Mike and Laura Tomelloso, who were both diagnosed with stage-4 cancer.

lapd officer mike laura tomelloso

It’s one thing for a family to battle stage-4 cancer. Now imagine a husband and wife both getting the same diagnoses around the same time.

It first started with Laura Tomelloso’s colonoscopy in February. Shortly after, the retired officer for the Department of Justice learned she had stage-4 colon cancer. It then metastasized into ovarian cancer.

Then a month and a half later, Laura’s husband, Mike, noticed two swollen lymph nodes in his throat. A biopsy determined that the long-time motor officer for the LAPA Central Traffic Division had throat cancer.

“It’s devastating and for [Laura] -- going through that to find out your spouse is also going to be dealing with that,” says Carrie Cellini, a family friend. “

Cellini says the Tomellosos were too humble to ask for help despite mounting medical bills, so family and friends stepped in to help.

“Mike was just not wanting people to know. We finally said, ‘Hey, you guys are going to need for the long run.’”

The LAPD has established a blue-ribbon trust fund to help the family. The money will be used for medical bills, groceries and other necessities – along with food preparations for the two cancer patients’ specific dietary needs.

“During their battle with cancer, which consists of ongoing medical treatments, surgeries and hospitalizations, they have an exhausted challenge in completing simple tasks,” the LAPD Central Traffic Division said in a statement. “They have been relying on friends, neighbors and church members in making life less challenging with their daily tasks and making their medical appointments.”

The couple has two sons, Mike Jr. and Matthew, who has special needs. As the couple struggles with grave health issues, Matthew is no longer able to attend therapy sessions, according to the LAPD.

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