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LAPD on High Alert After Autopsy Release, South LA Shooting

Worried about the response to a controversial autopsy and a day after a shooting at two patrol cops, the department goes on tactical alert.

LAPD was on high alert Monday with additional officers on duty and ready to mobilize after the release of the autopsy of Ezell Ford, an unarmed man shot and killed during an altercation with police in South Los Angeles.

It was the second day in a row the department asked its officers to remain on high alert, however there were no major incidents overnight.

On Sunday, two patrol officers reported being shot at while on patrol on South Hoover Street north of 62nd Place. An arrest was made early Monday, however officers citywide remained alert while investigators searched for a second shooter.

The release of Ford’s autopsy prompted new fears of demonstrations or violence targeted at officers. His shooting was widely controversial, with community leaders denouncing the department’s handling of the shooting and the disciplinary procedure for the officer’s involved.

The high alert went into effect around 2:30 p.m.

Captain Lillian Carranza of LAPD’s 77th Street Division said the shooting Sunday night was a reminder of what the department’s officers are up against.

"If these individuals do not hesitate to attack a law enforcement officer you can only imagine what they would do to any other community member," she said.

Carranza said two gunmen deliberately shot at officers in their patrol car, sending LAPD onto a tactical alert and residents scrambling for cover.

Early Monday police recovered a pistol, and rifle along with several shell casings before arresting an 18-year-old with gang ties. A second suspect got away.LAPD said the community had helped them by sending information via email, text and telephone.

"We are optimistically confident that we will be able to identify (the second suspect), arrest him and bring him to justice," Capt. Carranza said.

"When we were going inside the house, we just heard a gunshot and we just ran," said 9-year-old Enrique Mangandi. "They told us to go inside the house fast so we all got down."

And local Cornellio Solis said shootings are an everyday occurance in the area.

"Yeah, it's common sound. It's like fireworks in july. Yeah it's common, it's almost every 2 days," Solis said.

As tensions between the community and police seem to be rising across the country, LAPD once again went on tactical alert Monday, wary of the response to the autopsy of Ezell Ford.

Ford, a mentally ill and unarmed black man, was shot and killed during a scuffle with police in South Los Angeles in August. His death has sparked protests and outrage from the community, and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck delayed the release of the report for months while officers contrinued to investigate the shooting.

At a Monday press conference, Beck pleaded for peace and calm while the investigation continues.

Michael Larkin and Jane Yamamoto contributed to this article

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