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LargeTortoise Looking to Reunite With Owner

San Bernardino Animal Control found a large tortoise Thursday and is seeking the public's help in reuniting the animal with its owner.

San Bernardino Animal Control is seeking the public's help in reuniting a tortoise found Thursday with its owner.

A resident in northeas San Bernardino called animal control to report a the animal moseying across the street.

When animal control officers arrived, the hungry reptile was discovered feasting on someone’s lawn.

The tortoise weighs over 40 pounds, according to police. Animal control officers were able to use the contours of the tortoise’s shell to determine that it is a female.

"She was obviously well-taken care of," said Capt. Raymond King, of the San Bernardino Police Department. "We believe she was someone's pet."

Animal Control is working on transferring the tortoise to a rescue to ensure that it gets the proper care until it goes home.

If the owner doesn't come forward, the tortoise will be available for adoption beginning Oct. 16.

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