LA's Hot Weather Makes a Comeback

Weather in the Southland heats up for summer's last stand after being ranked as one of the worst in the US

Get ready to break out that neglected bottle of sunscreen and head to the beach.

Significantly warmer temperatures are expected to heat up the Southland on Friday and continue through the weekend, with inland temperatures climbing into the 90s.

An upper level high-pressure system is expected to build over California and continue through Monday before heading east, according to the National Weather Service. Although temperatures will be hot, forecasters say that a low humidity will mean dry conditions. The dry heat and a mild off-shore wind heightens fire concerns in vulnerable areas.

The weekend sun is a break from the unexpectedly cool summer weather. It was so unexpected, in fact, that it earned the number 5 spot on the Weather Channel's list of Top 5 worst summers. Meteorologist Jon Erdman, who helped compile the list, said that a cloudy and cool summer "kept people away from the beaches," he told the Des Moines Register.

The culprit was an extra persistent marine layer, or "June Gloom." The Gloom lasted through July and August. Near LAX, the June through August weather ranked as the 2nd coolest on record. Similar temperatures patterns were seen throughout the Southland, including Santa Barbara down to San Diego.

Making up for this summer's lack of sun, the temperatures at the beach will range from the 60s to mid-80's through Tuesday. Inland coastal plain and lower mountain are expected to reach temperatures into the 90s and temperatures will soar near 105 in the valleys and desert, according to the National Weather Service.

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