An Organized Boycott of “Yes on 8 Donors”? Here's Some Evidence


Is there an organized effort to boycott businesses whose owners made financial contributions to Proposition 8? Measure backers believe so. But it remains unclear how widespread or organized (or effective) the campaign has been. But here's one piece of evidence: For the last two days, a Times database listing contributions to both sides of the 8 campaign has seen huge traffic on Why? We will see.

Meanwhile, the controversy surrounding the $100 contribution to Yes on 8 from a figure at El Coyote restaurant continues to get its 15 minutes of fame. Today at the Beverly Boulevard eatery, there was an apology (not accepted) and a news conference (kinda ugly).

Zach Behrens at laist has more on the Prop. 8 boycott scorecard.

--Shelby Grad

Photo: Con Keyes / LAT

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