Latinos Parade Down Broadway, Again.

Parade Down Broadway Shows Diversity within a Culture

Brazil, Mexico, Panama, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic were some of the Latin American countries represented in Desfile de la Hispanidad en Los Angeles, a parade held on Broadway that was organized by those who bring you the popular Fiesta Broadway in April.

While a parade down Broadway, or Latinos taking to the street isn’t news, what mattered was the measured form of identifying each country as they walked toward L.A.’s City Hall. Somehow, this solidarity of Latino culture, while highlighting the differences in music, folk art, costume, and dance, showing a broad diverse identity.

Included in this October 12 parade was the Roosevelt High School Marching band, whom I suppose were representing the East L.A. Mexican-American several generations removed from indigenous roots.

Finding a common Latino voice may or may not be the purpose of the small parade, but if it’s a way for different Latino cultures to understand both similarities and differences, that can’t be bad at all.

However, it may take longer to explain to the traditional futbol crowd just exactly what kind of football game is played between Roosevelt High School and Garfield High School at what will be the 74th version of The East L.A. Classic.

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