LAUSD Aims to Be Safe Haven for Immigrant Families

The school district wants to provide reliable information about Obama's recent immigration executive order

The Los Angeles Unified School District is promising to provide its schools as a safe haven for immigrant families who want to learn more about President Obama's recent executive action that would protect millions of undocumented immigrants from the threat of deportation.

A letter was sent home with LAUSD students on Tuesday advising parents to be aware of dishonest lawyers who might take advantage of people seeking information about Obama’s immigration plan.

LAUSD officials say they want to play a supportive role in informing immigrant families of the process. They hope their participation will ensure parents get reliable information.

Officials also hope being a source for information will prevent stress and complications for parents, and ultimately provide a more stable and healthy home life for the students.

President Obama announced his executive orders on immigration last month, which could provide temporary work permits to undocumented immigrants.

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