Woman Shot in Fontana Park While Children Play a Little League Game

The shooting was caught on camera after a nearby fight spilled into the neighborhood park

A woman was shot in a park only a few feet from a Little League baseball game Tuesday in Fontana.

Police said a family disturbance near the baseball field spilled into the park.

The sound of gunfire can be heard on cell phone video of the shooting as people scattered for cover. 

"When I heard the gunshot, I wanted to get them away from the kids," said umpire Troy Matcham. "All the kids were underneath the benches in the dugout. They were all crying, scared."

Parents told NBCLA they did not know what was happening at first.

"We all heard it," a witness said. "It registered, but then about 10, 15 seconds later we noticed everyone swarming, like running."

Police said they have not yet determined if the shooting victim was the target of the shooter. No arrests were reported Wednesday morning.

"Kids are in the outfield, infield, the dugout," said Fontana Police Officer Jay Sayegh. "That round could have went anywhere."

The shooting victim is in the hospital and expected to survive.

Police called the shooting an isolated incident and are trying to figure out why that family fight from down the street ended up in a park full of kids.

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