1,300-Pound Shark Caught Off of LA Coast

The massive fish may break world records.

Fishers on a boat out of Huntington Beach caught a potentially world record-breaking mako shark that weighed 1,323.5 pounds Tuesday morning.

The massive shark took two and a half hours to reel in and jumped out of the water five times, going 20 to 25 feet into the air as an angler from Mesquite, Texas fought it.

"It was the scariest thing I've ever witnessed in my life," said a grinning Jason Johnston, who reeled in the shark. "This thing was a beast."

The shark measured 144 inches.

"It's unreal," Johnston said. "This thing is definitely a killing machine. ... Any wrong step I could have went out of the boat and gone to the bottom of the ocean."

The catch was reportedly caught on tape by videographers filming for a reality television show about hunting.

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