From the Archives: North Hollywood Shootout TV News Coverage

No officers or bystanders were killed; both bank robbers died in the gun battle.

One of the most violent moments in LAPD history unfolded on live TV on Feb. 28, 1997 when two bank robbers wielding assault rifles got into a ferocious gunfight with officers. Watch NBC4 News footage from that day:

Thousands of rounds were fired as two heavily armed bank robbers were confronted by LAPD officers in the streets of the San Fernando Valley. Archived video from Feb. 28, 1997.
SWAT officers joined by sheriff's deputies using K-9s went door-to-door in search of possible additional suspects in the North Hollywood Shootout. Archived video from Feb. 28, 1997.
The two robbers in body armor and ski masks emerged from the bank with guns blazing. The bloody confrontation with police lasted nearly an hour. Archived footage from Feb. 28, 1997.
The sound of heavy gunfire echoed in the streets as two bank robbers armed with assault rifles opened fire in an attempt to make a getaway. Archived video from Feb. 28, 1997.
The streets of North Hollywood resembled a war zone, with hundreds of rounds fired between police and the two heavily armed bank robbers. One witness described the weaponry as "army machinery." Archived video from Feb. 28, 1997.
LAPD officers armed with handguns and shotguns were no match for the two bank robbers toting assault rifles. Archived video from Feb. 28, 1997.


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As the two heavily armed men got into a gun battle with LAPD officers after the botched bank robbery in North Hollywood, the suspects fired armor-piercing bullets from fully automatic weapons. Archived video from Feb. 28, 1997.
An LAPD car was riddled with bullets after coming under fire from a bank robber armed with a fully automatic assault rifle. Archived video from Feb. 28, 1997.
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