LA Still a Bunch of Wusses

C'mon, guys. We had a whole year to work on this.

Once again, Los Angeles has been declared one of the least manly cities in America.

According to the second annual "America's Manliest Cities" study, Los Angeles is ranked 48th out of 50 major metropolitan areas. Our machismo was only macho enough to beat Miami and Portland.

In defense of the city's manhood, 2010 was a step up from last year's study, which ranked us 49th. Apparently, a lot of men in the city spent last year working on their manhood. Thanks, guys.

The study, performed by Sperling's BestPlaces, ranked each city based on sports, manly lifestyle, concentration of manly retail stores, manly magazine subscriptions, manly occupations and -- wait for it -- salty snack sales.

Wait, what? How did salty snacks get mixed up in the quest for testosterone? Turns out, the study was commissioned by Combos.

The snack food makers -- in their own words -- are "experts on all things manly." And who are we to doubt them? They are the "Official Cheese-Filled Snack of NASCAR since 2002," and nothing says manliness like eating pretzels filled with cheese at a NASCAR race.

Charlotte, NC, took this year's top spot, followed by 2) Columbus, Ohio; 3) Kansas City, Mo.; 4) Nashville, Tenn.; 5) Baltimore; 6) Milwaukee; 7) Chicago; 8) Indianapolis; 9) Washington; and 10) Philadelphia.

At the statewide level, Angelenos shouldn't feel too emasculated about the study. The rest of California didn't fare much better: Oakland ranked 47th, Sacramento ranked 45th, San Francisco ranked 43rd, and San Diego ranked 42nd.

At least now we have a whole year to build up some man points. Better get started -- can somebody please pass me the Combos?

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