23 Free Book-Loving Haps: Lit Crawl LA

How many good and moving and surprising words can you hear over one night?

Reading is very often a solitary activity, but that doesn't necessarily mean that readers crave solitude.

On the contrary, many a bookist or short-story-ist or lover of non-fiction wants to a) share their finding and/or b) dissect characters and/or c) hear a bit of prose read aloud, in an intimate and/or lively setting?

Yep, books are one-on-one during the quiet read, but literary crawls tell a different story: Story lovers love to hang together and they love to experience tales told live. Lit Crawl LA: NoHo will applaud this fact, and it will do so without charging a single cent of money.

Does that mean "free"? It does. So, so free. Well, maybe one less "so" -- the after-party and fundraiser is 15 bucks, but, yeah: It is a fundraiser. No cocked eyebrows there, just good-hearted fundraising.

The 23-event, 12-location mega-read-and-socialize-a-thon spreads out over Lankershim Boulevard on Wednesday, Oct. 23. Not the boulevard itself, of course, but inside theaters, schools, and restaurants. The Federal Bar, Republic of Pie, and Gallery 800 at the Historic Lankershim Arts Center are all participating locations.

And within those locations? Authors standing at mics, chitchatting and reading scary stories and telling youthful yarns and entertaining people who like to build worlds inside their heads.

There'll be five hours of this goodness, from 6 to 11 p.m.

And if you're wondering if this Lit Crawl -- our city's first -- is tied to San Francisco's, which started just about a decade ago, you'd be correct, wonderer. They're all in the same fiction-mad, word-worship-y family, a family that has spread out to other cities beyond California's borders.

Will you hear a poem or a passage that will send you in new reading directions? Let the lively doings along Lankershim steer that particular ship, dear page-turner.

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