405 Closure by the Numbers

From the bonus money paid to the amount of rubble cleared

Carmageddon it wasn't.

More like Carmaheaven. Or Y2Cars.  

As far as dreaded gridlock was concerned, the shutdown of the 405 turned out to be a major non-event as tens of thousands of Angelenos opted to stay home. 

Before the shutdown we heard about how long it was supposed to take, how much money was on the line if construction went past the Monday morning deadline and how many endless hours we should expect to sit in traffic.

Fortunately those dread numbers went unrealized. Here are a few statistics that did come to pass:

$400,000: Amount the early completion saved the city on police and fire to patrol.

$300,000: Bonus collected by contractor Kiewit Infrastructure West for finishing 17 hours early.

4000: Tons of rubble removed after demolition.

1200: Number of cubic feet of dirt that cushioned the fall of the rubble onto the 405 Freeway.

100: Number of workers contributing to the operation.

100: Number of fewer accidents during the closure period compared with the previous weekend.

132: Combined increase in numer of Metro buses and trains running.

65: Percent fewer automobiles on freeways in the Los Angeles-Metro area compared to normal weekend traffic.

30: Feet longer the new bridge will measure than the old bridge.

28: Subway and bus lines that offered free weekend fare.

20: Pieces of heavy equipment used, including hoe rams, front end loaders and hauling trucks.

15-by-25 feet: Dimensions of one piece of concrete that fell during demolition.

12: Hours that shifts lasted during the weekend construction.

12: Approximate number of calls to the Mayor's office complaining about Carmageddon--most regarding the helicopters hovering above the 405.

11: Number of months before Carmageddon 2.

10: Feet the new bridge will be widened.

10: Minutes entire 405 project is expected to save carpool lane drivers.

3: Number of people in the party for dinner on freeway.

2: Times a day chicen or pizza would be brought in to feed the crew, in addition to catering trucks.

1: Number of 405-Planking Students.

0: Number of injuries that occured.

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