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80+ Beers on Tap at the OC Brew Hee Haw

Making for the OC Fair over its opening week? Seek out some splendid regional suds.



    80+ Beers on Tap at the OC Brew Hee Haw
    OC Brew Hee Haw
    The OC Brew Hee Haw Craft Beer Roundup delivers the top-notch beers over the opening weekend of the OC Fair. Find dozens of area-cool suds at the OC Fair & Event Center on July 14 and 15, 2018.

    WHILE FAIR TIME IS FOOD TIME, for many attendees, there are those over-21-ers who make their way to the fairgrounds to see what might be gracing the glasses. For a big county fair is also typically known for its blue ribbon-worthy libations, those drinks that that area wineries and breweries and cideries enter into competition (or just show up to sell and serve). Like your fair time to include a bit of sipping, a bit of swirling, and some holding various beers up to the sunshine, all to observe the brews' elegant amber hues? Then you likely know all about the...

    OC BREW HEE HAW CRAFT BEER ROUND-UP, at the OC Fair & Event Center, and if you're devoted regular, you're aware that it will again hold those beers up to the sunshine over the first weekend of the 2018 Costa Mesa spectacular. And the suds portion of the larger spectacular is laudable in its own right, for over 80 beers will be available on draft during the taste-and-consider to-do. Faction Brewing, down from the Bay Area, will make an appearance, and New Glory Brewing of Sacramento. Plus, you can expect a caboodle of crafty goodness from San Diego, Orange County, and the LA neck o' the woods.

    THERE ARE TWO TASTING SESSIONS... on Saturday, July 14 and one session on Sunday, July 15. Where to find this foamy head of fun? Not far from Pacific Amphitheatre. And, check it out: Buy a ticket to the OC Brew Hee Haw and gain entry to the fair itself, should you want to take in a few exhibits, smile at a few critters, and stroll the Midway after finding your new favorite California-made ale.