911: Chuck Henry Across America

10 years after 911, Chuck Henry drives across America to see how things have changed.

Day 1

The journey has begun. Ten years ago on September 11th I drove in a news van from Los Angeles to New York City hours after the attack on America.  Now, we're headed back - in a car - to take the pulse of America.  How are we doing ten years later?

We've just jumped on Interstate 40 - headed for the Arizona border.  We are passing through Ludlow, CA.  

The historic Route 66 will take us through a cross section of America made up of desert, mountains and farmland.  We'll talk to people along the way to see how they feel about the state of the country ten years after 9/11.

Back then, as I drove to Ground Zero (remember airliners were grounded) we witnessed a burst of patriotism not witnessed for generations.  Flags were hung, neighbors were more neighborly and strangers spoke to one another.  But is that still the case?

The economy is not the same. More people are out of work and others are working longer hours for less pay.  Political parties are fighting over the debt ceiling, military action, health care and yes, who will be in the White House in 2012.

So, on this trip we'll see how the rest of America is doing.  If they are feeling some of the pain we are enduring in California.  

You can watch my reports on the Channel 4 news on Today in LA, and at 5, 6 and 11pm.   You can also catch up with me on Twitter @chucknbcla and Facebook ChuckNBCLA as I continue my trip across America.

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