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Amber Dubois' Parents Want Answers



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    The mother of Escondido’s Amber Dubois wants answers from prosecutors – how did her daughter die, when did she die and did she suffer?

    Carrie McGonigle talked to CNN’s Larry King Tuesday about the status of her daughter’s case.Amber disappeared in February 2009 and her remains were found near the Pala Casino on March 6.

    John Albert Gardner III, the man facing charges in the death and disappearance of Poway teenager Chelsea King, has been called the “focus” of the Amber Dubois investigation.

    McGonigle said authorities aren't telling her anything about why they believe Gardner may be responsible for her daughter's death.
    "They said, 'In time, you will find out,'" McGonigle said.

    Dubois’ mother said the family doesn’t even know how investigators got the information that led them to Amber’s body.

    Robin Sax, a former Los Angeles sex crime prosecutor and a fellow guest on King’s cable show, met with Amber’s parents and prosecutors in the case Tuesday.

    “We would have expected by now and would have hoped by now that there would have been some definitive answer of whether or not John Gardner is responsible for the death of Amber,” she said.

    “They are claiming that, at this point, that it's part of the investigative process. And while I totally appreciate and want a -- and so does the family -- want a perfectly solid investigation to maximize prosecution, there are rights that the victims have in terms of status of the case,” Sax said.

    Sax said she had been speaking with Marc Klaas, father of Polly Klaas and proponent of child sex offender legislation, and they both agreed that this case is unusual.

    "Have you ever seen a situation, in your experience, where an abducted family members have not known anything about the status of the case or the investigation whatsoever?" Sax said she asked Klaas.

    Sax even drew comparisons between the way investigators handled Amber Dubois case and the disappearance and death of Chelsea King.

    “Frankly, it's even really different in terms of how the San Diego D.A.'s office and the police handled Chelsea King's abduction and murder,” she said.

    The victim in a December attack in which Gardner is accused also appeared on the program and talked about the moment she was jumped while taking a run on the trails around Lake Hodges.