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Americans Have Negative View of California in "State Favorability" Poll

National poll shows respondents overwhelmingly dislike the Golden State, mostly for political reasons



    Americans Have Negative View of California in "State Favorability" Poll
    California takes some knocks in a poll that asks Americans how they feel about states.

    Neil Young called it "the land of opportunity" and the Beach Boys boasted that the "West Coast has the sunshine," but a new poll indicates that 44 percent of Americans do not have such glowing reviews for California.

    Link: State Favorability Poll

    The Golden State is disliked by more Americans that any other state, according to the "State Favorability Poll" from Public Policy Polling. Forty-four percent of American's surveyed last month said they viewed California as "unfavorable," the highest in the nation. 

    "We found that in states like California and Texas, the case was political in nature," said Jim Williams, a polling analyst at PPP. "Republicans probably think of the left coast as liberal, while Democrats might look at Texas as backwards."

    Young people and minorities were also in favor of California. Older respondents expressed a dislike, Williams said.

    Women also thought more highly of California than men by 19 percentage points.

    PPP surveyed more than 3,000 people across the country over the phone since October. The poll has a 4-percent margin of error.

    Twenty-five percent of those polled considered themselves "somewhat conservative," as opposed to 20 percent who called themselves "somewhat liberal."

    Following California were Illinois, New Jersey and Mississippi, with unfavorable rates around 30 percent.

    Hawaii is the most liked, with 55 percent of respondents having a "favorable" view of the Aloha State.

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