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Poll: Americans "Dislike" LA

Public policy polling has released a popularity survey of 21 U.S. cities; Los Angeles ranks near the bottom



    Poll: Americans "Dislike" LA
    Mekahlo Medina
    Public Policy Poll from April 12-15 of 900 American asking if they "like" or "dislike" Los Angeles.

    Los Angeles might be the second-largest city in the United States, but according to a survey released Friday that just means there is a lot to dislike about the City of Angels.

    In a survey released Friday by Public Policy Polling, a firm based in Raleigh, N.C.  founded by businessman and Democratic pollster Dean Debnam, LA ranked near the bottom of what is basically a state v. state popularity contest. Between April 12-15, the poll took a survey of 900 American voters, asking what they think about 21 states across the nation.

    Topping the list was Seattle, at the No. 1 spot with over 57 percent  favorability, and Portland, in the second slot, with 52 percent of respondents giving the city favorable marks.

    The least favorite city was Detroit with 22 percent favoring it and 49 percent viewing the Motor City negatively.

    Oakland and Los Angeles received negative ratings of 39 percent and 40 percent, respectively. The same organization released a poll earlier this year that found California was considered the least popular state in the union.

    According to the report, women are most negative toward the cities of Oakland and Detroit, while men are most negative toward Washington D.C., LA, Oakland and Detroit.

    The survey did not ask participants why they dislike or like any city, but suggested that "perhaps because women are more likely to be Democrats than men and Democrats more likely to be in urban areas than Republicans, women and Democrats are only negative on two cities (Oakland and Detroit), while men are on four (D.C., L.A., Oakland, and Detroit), and Republicans are on eight (Miami, Vegas, San Fran, D.C., Chicago, Oakland, L.A., and Detroit)."

    Other cities in the popularity contest behind Seattle and Portland include Boston, Atlanta, Phoenix, New York, New Orleans, Houston, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington D.C., and Miami.

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