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Coverage of one of California's most severe dry spells on record and its dramatic turnaround

Arcadia Passes Strict Drought Measures

The San Gabriel Valley City has restricted watering lawns and serving water in restaurants



    Arcadia Passes Strict Drought Measures

    The Arcadia City Council unanimously backed a mandatory water conservation plan Tuesday night, calling on residents to conserve during the severe drought.

    The new prohibitions for the San Gabriel Valley City include:

    • No hose washing of sidewalks, walkways, driveways, or parking areas
    • No water can be used to clean, fill, or maintain levels in decorative fountains, unless such water is part of a recycling system
    • No watering lawn, landscape, or turf areas between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
    • No watering of lawn, landscape, or turf areas in a wasteful manner
    • No Arcadia water customer shall permit water to leak from any facilities on his premises
    • No restaurant, hotel, cafe, cafeteria, or other public place where food is served or offered for sale shall serve drinking water to any customer unless expressly requested by the customer

    This animation shows severe drought conditions in California since the end of 2013.

    If residents break the rules they will be subject to a surcharge penalty for water in excess of the base amount supplied to them.

    Residents caught breaking the rules three times could see a $100 fine.

    The Phase 1 Mandatory Restrictions follows voluntary restrictions that Arcadia residents were asked to follow earlier this year, when they were asked to cut 20 percent of their water supply.

    A city report found that residents increased their water usage by one percent.

    Arcadia has received 60 percent less rain this year than in 2013 and city leaders have proposed the measures to preserve current water supply if current climate conditions drag on.

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