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All About the Roundabout



    All About the Roundabout
    The Palmdale roundabout in all its circular glory.

    Traffic conditions at a Palmdale intersection are expected to improve in a roundabout way.

    Complete with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Caltrans introduced a roundabout Wednesday in LA County.

    The $19 million roundabout at Palmdale Boulevard and 47th Street East in Palmdale is designed to keep traffic moving, according to Caltrans.

    But they can be intimidating for first-time roundabouters, so Caltrans posted a how-to guide on its website.

    The roundabout, which has been open for about a month, is a modernized version of traffic circles more commonly found in Europe.

    Drivers enter a one-way circular traffic flow around a center island. Unless something's gone wrong, you should be driving anti-clockwise around the island in the United States, then leaving the roundabout at the desired exit.