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Breast Cancer: Replacing Fear With Hope

Breast Cancer: Replacing Fear With Hope

NBC4 Lolita Lopez learns about cancer, herself and the amazing community of cancer survivors

Bald But Still Beautiful

Cancer cosmetogist helps make a difficult day a little less difficult



    Yo Zeiman is a cancer cosmetologist. On the day Lolita Lopez had her hair shaved she was grateful for Zeiman's skill and her compassion. (Published Thursday, July 18, 2013)

    When NBC4 reporter Lolita Lopez decided to shave her head, she got help from a woman who had done this thousands of times.

    Yo Zeiman ran the “Appearance Center” at Huntington Cancer Center.

    “I’ve shaved a lot of heads. Everyone is different. Different personalities. Some women are very frightened of course, you know, but they are just very unsure about themselves and what’s going to happen,” Zeiman said.

    The center is not about vanity, but about caring for the whole person. Even beyond the medical treatment. It is paying attention to the real life details and insecurities that can come with cancer.

    “We are just removing the frame. The pretty picture is still there,” Zeiman said of her job.

    Before Zeiman began a shave, she turned her clients away from the mirror.

    “Bald head is beautiful. No hair is beautiful. But partial is not pretty. So, I don’t want my clients to see that,” Zeiman commented.

    When Zeiman got her beauty license, she knew she wanted to give back and do more.

    “The good Lord sent me here,” Zeiman said.

    Lopez and others were grateful Zeiman was part of Huntington Cancer Center, not just because of her skill, but also because of her compassion.

    “My heart went towards this. I can’t be happier in helping other people with their journey,” Zeiman said.