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Cash for Appliances Powers Up



    Cash for Appliances Powers Up
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    Forget Cash for Clunkers. Now there's Cash for Appliances.

    Starting Thursday the federal government will give you cash for replacing energy draining appliances with new energy efficient ones.

    It’s prompting some shoppers to make purchases now, rather than put them off.

    “I want to save energy for patriotic reasons, and of course for the $200 rebate,” said Rosemary Filipello who’s hoping to replace her 22-year-old refrigerator.

    Starting tomorrow California will start doling out $35-million from the federal government to energy conscious Californians.

    The rebate program has been working its way west. In other states the money has lasted just a few hours.

    To get the rebate you have to take delivery of the qualifying appliance within one month.

    You’ll also need to do a fair amount of paperwork, like providing a receipt for the new appliance, a certificate showing you recycled your old fridge or washing machine, the actual energy label with the UPC code and a bill from your utility company to show you live in this state.

    Retailers are hoping tomorrow will bring a modern day gold rush to their stores.

    “I think people don’t want to spend, but I think the money is there and I think this is their excuse,” said Milton Herrera of Pacific Sales in Brea.

    But if Cash for Clunker Appliances is anything like Cash for Clunker cars, shoppers will need to get to the stores early, before the $35-million runs out.