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Christmas Decorations Stolen From Woodland Hills' Candy Cane Lane

Homeowner Bill Rush estimates his loss at $500, but said he won't be filing a police report.



    Thieves have stolen Christmas decorations from the front yard of a Woodland Hills home located in the famed area known as Candy Cane Lane. Beverly White reports from Woodland Hills for the NBC4 News at 11 p.m. on Dec. 5, 2012. (Published Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012)

    After decking their lawn for more than two decades, Bill Rush and his wife Rose Marie discovered select decorations had been stolen this week by a sticky-fingered Grinch.

    "There’s usually like a traffic jam here,” Rush said. “I've counted 250 cars in an hour going by. Kids and families, my wife likes to do it for them. It's a disappointment."

    "Four days ago, my wife came home and said, 'Where are the candy canes,?'" said Rush. "'Where are all the balloons?'

    "I said I staked one up, put it back in the ground. She says, ‘No, the rest of 'em! Where's all the balloons?’"

    Gone from the home on Lubao Avenue were a multi-candy cane driveway border and six large inflatable decorations, including a polar bear, Mickey Mouse and Christmas tree. The rip-off rattled not only the Rush family, but also holiday revelers driving by.

    "I come here every year,” said David Gasco. “It shouldn't be like that. It's pretty bad."

    "It's messed up. Really sucks,” said Guy Shaman. “Don't know why you'd steal Christmas stuff?"

    Rush estimates his loss at $500, but said he’s not filing a police report because there are plenty more decorations to enjoy. And his wife is constructing replacement candy canes by hand.