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Deputy on Patrol Happens Upon Big Pot Farm

LASD Deputy spots a pot farm so large the U.S. Forest Service has to be called in to haul the stuff away.



    Deputy on Patrol Happens Upon Big Pot Farm
    So much marijuana was found at a Lake Los Angeles pot farm that the U.S. Forest Service had to be called in to remove it.

    A deputy on patrol in Lake Los Angeles happened upon a marijuana farm with a mature crop worth $3 to $4 million, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said Thursday.

    Dep. John White noticed two large enclosures, about 100 feet by 50 feet, surrounded by plywood and covered with a cloth for shade, the department said in a press release. The desert property, near 57th Street East and Avenue E, was surrounded by barbed wire, the department said.

    Inside were 1,000 marijuana plants, most of them six to eight feet tall.

    Detectives used chainsaws to cut them down and then called in the U.S. Forest Service to remove the plants, the department said.

    White detained a man at the property, whom the department identified as Abdul Jamar.

    The sheriff's department said Jamar had been arrested by White in June and charged with cultivating marijuana, the release said.

    The department said Jamar looked at White and told him: "I guess I'm in trouble again." 

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