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San Gabriel Valley Pooch Missing for 7 Years Reunited With Owner



    San Gabriel Valley Pooch Missing for 7 Years Reunited With Owner
    Tara Quinones

    A pet going missing can be one of the scariest moments for any pet parent. When days, months or years pass without reunion, hope can easily become lost.

    However, hope had been renewed when a San Gabriel Valley woman learned of the whereabouts of her Dachshund mix who had been missing for seven years.

    Tara Quinones drove more than 30 miles Thursday to be reunited with her now 11-year-old pooch, Rosita, after receiving a call from Riverside County Animal Services that a good Samaritan had dropped off her long-lost pooch.

    Thanks to a microchip embedded in the wayward pet, Riverside County Animal Services was able to locate Quinones.

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    Years ago, Quinones' other pup was startled by fireworks and managed to open the backyard gate just wide enough for the miniature pup to wiggle through. 

    Upon the reunion, the Dachshund mix didn't not initially recognize her owner, but Quinones couldn't be happier to be reunited with her four-legged friend.

    "I never really lost hope in finding her," Quinones said. 

    Rosita thankfully was not on the streets for the entirety of her seven year absence, and was taken care of by an unknown stranger.

    Quinones is grateful for the person who took care of her lost pet, and is willing to hand over her beloved pooch if that is what the person wants.

    "She’s obviously been loved all these years," said Quinones. "I checked online to see if anyone was missing her, but was not successful."

    The 11-year-old pup is currently adjusting to her new home, and is receiving plenty of love.

    If Rosita's most recent caretaker wants to connect with Quinones, please contact Riverside County Animal Service by e-mail:

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