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The trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician

Jackson Fans Win Seats at Murray Trial

On day one of the Conrad Murray trial, some fans got courtroom seats.



    Some Jackson Fans Get Courtroom Seats

    Two fans won the lottery to get courtroom seats and they shared what they saw. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011)

    Some of Michael Jackson's most passionate fans spent Tuesday outside the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles just to be near the action as the Conrad Murray trial started.

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    A few of them even won the lottery to get a seat inside the courtroom and observe the opening statements and the first witnesses.

    Yumi Ashida and Erin Jacobs were part of a fan group called "Justice 4 Michael," and they cringed when the prosecution showed a photograph of Jackson on a gurney taken shortly after he died.

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    [LA] Audio: May 2009 Recording of Rambling Michael Jackson
    Prosecutors played this audio recording during opening statements at the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.
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    Ashida described it as a "privilege" to see the opening statement live in the courtroom. But she was shocked by the prosecution's decision to show a photo of Jackson after death.

    "I can't describe it," she said. "It was definitely shocking."

    Jacobs described Jackson as an "extended family member."

    "This is somebody who's been a part of our lives that we care about. To see it was really hard," she said.

    Neither one of them had much sympathy for Murray, who is accused of being responsible for the death of the superstar.

    Nor did the doctor have many friends in the crowd the stood outside the courthouse, but a few diehard supporters did speak up for him.

    Beatrice Fakhrian said the community needs Murray.

    "He's a Godly man, he's a gentleman, he's a loving man," Fakhrian said, adding, "he will be exonerated."