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Ed Rosenthal Found Alive at Joshua Tree



    Ed Rosenthal Found Alive at Joshua Tree
    Ed Rosenthal

    A prominent Los Angeles real estate broker who went missing last week has been found alive at Joshua Tree State Park.

    Park rangers confirmed to KMIR-TV that Ed Rosenthal was found alive on Thursday morning about 2 miles from the park's southern border.

    "He was conscious when the rescuers found him and was talking with them, but he does have some injuries and some exposure issues," park spokesman Joe Zarki told the Desert Sun newspaper.

    Zarki told the Inland Empire News Radio that Rosenthal survived six days in the desert with few resources.

    "He had small amounts of food and water and some basic supplies like a blanket and a coat. He was well-provisioned for a day hike," he said.

    The 64-year-old was taken to the High Desert Hospital, the LA Downtown News reportedZarki told the Associated Press that Rosenthal is expected to recover from heat exhaustion and other minor injuries.

    On Wednesday, 50 searchers on foot and horseback were searching trails near Black Rock Canyon campground, Zarki told the AP.

    "They followed those tracks (Wednesday) to a point where they lost the trail, so they went back (Thursday) morning," Zarki said. "They found him not far from there."

    Rosenthal is known for brokering deals to sell historic downtown office and industrial buildings for conversion into condo or apartments. He helped close last week's deal involving the Clifton's Brookdale cafeteria on Broadway. He has also been involved in large deals involving such historic buildings as the 12-story Art Deco Oviatt Building, and the classic Art Deco Eastern Columbia Building at Broadway and 9th Street.

    The Culver City resident also has a reputation for writing short, humorous poems and reading them aloud at public events.