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Unfair Murder Trial Against Ex-LAPD Cop: Brother

The family of Stephanie Lazarus plans to appeal her murder conviction



    Ex-LAPD Cop Convicted of Murder Plans Appeal

    Stephanie Lazarus was convicted March 8, 2012 of murdering her ex-boyfriend's wife 26 years ago. Lazarus' brother, Steven, tells NBCLA's Angie Crouch he doesn't think his sister got a fair trial and plans to appeal the conviction. (Published Saturday, March 10, 2012)

    The family of an ex-LA cop convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend’s wife 26 years ago said they plan to appeal the conviction because they say she didn’t get a fair trial.

    “The trial was held and the jury came back and I accept that,” said Steven Lazarus, the brother of Stephanie Lazarus who was convicted Thursday of killing Sherri Rasmussen in a jealous rage in 1986.

    “But that doesn’t mean that’s the end of it.”

    The eight-woman, four-man jury deliberated just under two days before finding Lazarus guilty of the first-degree murder of Rasmussen, a hospital nursing director who was 29 when she was killed.

    Guilty Verdict in Stephanie Lazarus Trial

    [LA] Guilty Verdict in Stephanie Lazarus Trial
    Ex-LAPD detective Stephanie Lazarus was convicted on March 8, 2012 of first-degree murder for the 1986 killing of her ex-boyfriend's wife. Patrick Healy reports.
    (Published Saturday, March 10, 2012)

    Prosecutors said the bullet used in the crime came from an LAPD issued .38 caliber revolver with a two-inch barrel, the same one Lazarus bought from the Police Academy just before she became a cop.

    But it was DNA evidence on which prosecutors based most of their case. Prosecutors said they connected Lazarus to the crime through a saliva sample taken from a bite on Rasmussen’s shoulder.

    Rasmussen’s parents told Dateline NBC that they tried in vain to get LAPD detectives to investigate Lazarus years ago.

    Closing Arguments in Lazarus Trial

    [LA] Closing Arguments in Lazarus Trial
    Prosecutors say Stephanie Lazarus was like a "predator going after her prey" when she allegedly shot and killed Sherri Rasmussen. The murder happened in 1986 and it 20 years for police to link it to Lazarus.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 30, 2015)

    When police first interviewed Lazarus’ ex-boyfriend, John Ruetten, they looked to see if he had any scratches or bruises.

    The victim’s father, Nels Rasmussen, suggested that cops look at Lazarus too.

    “I said would you do the same check with John’s ex-girlfriend?” Nels Rasmussen said.

    At the time police refused to investigate one of their own.

    Lazarus’ brother believes the strongest piece of the prosecution’s case, the DNA, was tampered with. The envelope containing the evidence was torn, he said.

    He said the jury also didn’t get to hear evidence of a possible burglary gone bad, the theory police initially pursued years ago.

    “They didn’t get to hear that there was a burglary down the street a couple weeks later, an armed burglary that got interrupted,” he said.

    Lazarus is set to be sentenced May 4. She could spend the rest of her life in prison.

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