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Two Killed in Explosion, Fire at Pasadena Home

Another victim was in critical condition after the fire on El Sereno Avenue



    19 Men Displaced After Fatal Pasadena House Fire

    A fatal fire broke out early Thursday morning at a home that housed 19 men. Two men died and one was severely injured. Officials say the home is zoned for a single family, and not licensed to be a group home. Stephanie Elam reports from Pasadena for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Nov. 1, 2012. (Published Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012)

    Fire officials are now saying that the Pasadena home where a fatal fire occurred,  was not  zoned as a group home. 

    Two men were killed, one man severely injured and sixteen others evacuated from the home on El Sereno.  Lisa Derderian,  Public Information Officer for the Pasadena Fire Departments says, "It's not licensed to be a care facility through the state or the city of Pasadena.  It is a single family dwelling, that is what it is zoned for and that is what it should be used for.

    Derderian also waned there could be "serious legal ramifications."

    The victims have not been identified. The coroner arrived at the location in the 1300 block of El Sereno Avenue.

    "Loud Bang" Before Deadly Pasadena Fire

    [LA] Two Killed in Pasadena Home Explosion, Fire
    Witnesses describe the "loud bang" the occurred before a Pasadena group home fire.
    (Published Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012)

    At least 17 people were displaced by the fire.

    "Several adult males were evacuating with the clothes on their backs," said Pasadena Public Information Officer Lisa Derderian.

    The initial call was received as a report of an explosion and fire, Derderian said. Evelyn Vazquez, who called 911, was about to go to sleep when she heard "a loud bang."

    "I thought it was a car hitting another car," Vazquez said. "I looked through the window, and I saw the fire."

    Investigators are attempting to determine the cause of the fire and why so many people were living at the residence.

    "We didn't hear any explosion or anything -- all we heard was thumping like an earthquake," said resident Frank Borbon.

    Borbon, wrapped in a Red Cross blanket, described the residence as a drug-free rehab center.

    "We will be further investigating throughout the day with other city personnel to determine how this facility was zoned and used," Derderian said.

    Josh Broussard told NBC4 that his grandmother is the home's owner.

    "It's just a house where everybody has their own rooms, that's it," Broussard said.

    Firefighters prevented flames from spreading to nearby homes.

    The displaced residents were transported to the Jackie Robinson Community Center in Pasadena.