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Facial Hair Frolic: The Mustache Dache

Show off your upper lip's progress as you hoof it through Griffith Park.



    Facial Hair Frolic: The Mustache Dache
    Mustache Dache
    Movember participants, and those who support the men's health supporters, will shake a tail feather at The Autry on Sunday, Nov. 22.

    When it comes to projects you've been working on for, say, at least a few weeks, sometimes being a bit cagey about your progress is preferable.

    You don't necessarily want all eyes on your Christmas-themed cross-stitch before it is complete. And if you're working on a Thanksgiving centerpiece, you'd like it to be admired on the holiday and not when it is only partially finished.

    This all goes out the window, though, when it comes to Movember, the annual grow-a-mustache, all-November-long push to stir up a lot of cash, and goodwill, and awesome support, for all sorts of men's initiatives.

    You want to show your ever-changing upper lip off, daily, throughout the month, and there's no better place to do so than at the annual Mustache Dache, an "irreverent" 5K that trods through several U.S. cities in the second half of the month.

    The hairy-happy Los Angeles outing hoofs it through Griffith Park on Sunday, Nov. 22, with a starting point of The Autry National Center.

    For sure, the Dache raises even more cashola for the causes dear to the Movemberists' hearts. It's a good time on a sunny fall morning. And it gives the mustache growers, and the Mo Sistas -- the women who aren't growing mustaches but don't mind wearing one now and then, in support -- a chance to really show off, both via their partially filled-in facial hair and their costumes.

    Mo Kids are also welcome, so draw those 'staches on the young'uns.

    The costume theme is "Western" -- thanks to The Autry being the main setting -- but if you've gotta go Elvis or barbershop quartet or 18th-century statesmen, because that's what the style your burgeoning mustache demands, then, well, you do you.

    Planters and Oscar Mayer'll be out -- the Nut Mobile and the Weiner Mobile, yes, you got it -- to give the day some cheer, some eats, and to add some wink-wink cheek to the reason everyone is running/walking.

    Both mobiles'll also be mustache'd, if you feel you need some photos with them. Definitely, right?

    Movember is in its wind-down stage, so best get out and show everyone how your handlebar is filling in. Nope, we don't want to show off our craft projects before they're complete, but the guys helping other guys in the health-awareness department definitely want to broadcast the fact, frequently, whether their growing-in mustache is done growing in or not.

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