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Feds Take Man Into Custody After Border Patrol Shooting



    Feds Take Man Into Custody After Border Patrol Shooting

    Campo, California...a small town east of San Diego is about 440 miles from San Jose. Here's the big question: Why would a suspect in a border patrol shooting drive all that way especially if he needed medical attention? That's what appears to have happened. But federal agents are not saying anything about the person they took into custody from O'Connor Hospital Friday night and how he may be involved in shooting that killed U.S. Border Patrol agent Robert Rosas Thursday night.

    Jerry Garcia, who was visiting O'Connor Hospital  around 3:30PM on Friday, says he saw around 15 unmarked vehicles belonging to federal authorities. Garcia says the federal agents were being real cautious about who was coming in and out of the hospital.

    A U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement spokesperson told NBC Bay Area News, she could not give out details and referred questions to the FBI. However, she did not deny the presence of ICE and FBI agents at the hospital. A hospital spokesperson confirmed a man had been treated and then released to federal authorities. In an e-mail sent to the media last night, an FBI spokesperson says "No one has been arrested and/or charged specifically with the killing of Rosas."  But other Bay Area law enforcement agencies, speaking on condition of anonymity, say the person taken into custody was somehow associated with the case.

    The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a man has been detained in Mexico near where the shooting happened with a border patrol-issued weapon.  Ernesto Parrra Valenzuela was arrested by Mexican authorities.  He was injured in the arrest and taken to a hospital.