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The Boom is Back in the Fourth of July



    The Boom is Back in the Fourth of July
    Fireworks and the 4th of July go hand in hand and for nearly five years Fallbrook's annual “Grand Tradition July 4th” fundraiser has brought its audience a great show. The tickets cost $25 and that even includes dinner to go along with the view.

    Last year, Pico Rivera, Monterey Park, and Monrovia all decided against a fireworks display to celebrate the Fourth of July.  But they soon came to realize a year without Independence Day fireworks is like a year without July 4th. 

    This year, they have all decided to go back to the good old days.

    Pico Rivera is planning to pick up the tab but hopes to raise some money to offset costs through fundraising events and selling food and carnival rides at the July 4th celebration. The city will spend $25,000 for the fireworks show and the entire holiday celebration will cost about $45,000.

    Monterey Park’s fireworks display and celebration will cost about $35,000. But the city is only kicking in $4,000, about half what it contributed in years past.

    And Monrovia was able to get some sponsorships from local businesses to help put on its show.

    Pyro Spectacular, the company that produces fireworks shows in Monterey Park, as well as the big show at the Rose Bowl, said interest in fireworks was down earlier this year because of economic considerations.

    The company’s president, Jim Souza, says typical fireworks shows cost about $25,000 while big shows like the Rose Bowl Spectacular can run as much as $200,000.

    But as we get closer to the 4th, Souza says 90 percent of the cities have moved forward with plans to celebrate Independence Day with fireworks.

    “It is something we have as Americans, one special day to pay tribute to our founding fathers and, more importantly, to our Armed Forces.