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Suspect in Bryan Stow Assault Ordered Back to Prison

Giovanni Ramirez will spend 10 months in prison after the parole officials' ruling on a weapons charge



    Commissioner decides Ramirez violated parole by having access to a gun. The Stow beating suspect has not yet been charged in the Dodger Stadium case --but this will give Los Angeles Police more time to investigate Giovanni Ramirez, (Published Monday, June 20, 2011)

    The suspect in the assault of Giants fan Bryan Stow was ordered back to prison Monday.

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    A hearing at Men's Central Jail in downtown LA was conducted to determine whether parole should be revoked for Giovanni Ramirez. A parole official determined that Ramirez should be ordered back to prison for 10 months.

    He is suspected, but not charged, in the March 31 beating of Stow outside Dodger Stadium. The parole revocation hearing Monday involved an allegation of possession of a firearm by a felon. Authorities said a gun was found at the residence at which Ramirez was arrested in May.

    Monday's hearing dealt only with the gun charge. The ruling stated that there was "good cause" on a violation of access to a weapon by a felon.

    The charge was amended from an initial allegation of being a felon in possession of a firearm. The hearing was closed to the public and the media.

    Ramirez's attorney plans to appeal.

    "The fight is not over," said attorney Christopher Smith. "There's an appeal process that takes place. I  likely will be submitting an informal decision review and after that a  potential writ. So it's not over."

    At another hearing earlier this month, Ramirez was ordered to remain in jail on the weapon charge. At the June 3 hearing, the board also considered a charge of assault with great bodily injury, but concluded, "No indication of evidence has been provided to the board on this date that shows Ramirez was involved in an assault that resulted in great bodily injury against the victim at Dodger Stadium."

    Ramirez's lawyers contend their client was nowhere near Dodger Stadium at the time of the March 31 attack. Attorney Jose Romero said 11 family members and friends have provided an alibi for Ramirez, saying he was at an aunt's house.

    Stow, a 42-year-old paramedic, remains in critical but stable condition under heavy sedation to prevent seizures caused by traumatic brain injury. Police said they're still looking for a second attacker and a woman who drove the car carrying the men.