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Escaped Goat Gives Birth to 2 Kids in Back of Animal Control Truck

The LaMancha goat was described as sweet and not aggressive by officers



    Sometimes kids are born in taxi cabs on the way to the hospital and sometimes they are born in the back of animal control trucks.

    A Riverside County Animal Services officer put one goat into the back of his truck Wednesday afternoon and when he reached the shelter, he pulled out three.

    "I thought to myself, 'Wow, this is crazy,'" Abel Buenrostro said in a press release.

    Buenrostro responded to a call of an escaped goat in Perris that ended up giving birth to two kids -- or baby goats -- while being transported to a facility 25 minutes away. Perris is a community about 72 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

    Buenrostro said although he noticed the LaMancha goat was pregnant right away and was careful loading her in the truck, he didn't expect her to go into labor.

    "I guess she was ready to go once we started driving," Buenrostro said.

    Animal control officers called the mother goat "sweet." She hasn't tried to headbutt anyone.

    "She didn't protest, she didn't charge me," said John Welsh, an animal services department spokesman.

    It is not know how the goat escaped, or where from, but animal control officers said that she appeared to be in good shape and well-cared for.

    The two kids were reported to be healthy and were taken with their mother to an animal services barn at a shelter in San Jacinto Valley where they will be housed until they are adopted or their owner claims them.

    The goats will be held for 14 days to give the owner a chance to reclaim them, but if that does not happen, then animal services is considering putting them up for adoption.

    If people are interested in adopting the goats they should contact the shelter by email at

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