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Hidden Cash Drops More Money in LA Area

Social media scavenger hunt says more drops are planned around the city Friday



    Hidden Cash Drops More Money on Angelenos

    The social media scavenger hunt known as Hidden Cash sent people looking for envelopes of money. Jane Yamamoto reports live from San Marino for the NBC4 News at Noon on Friday, May 30, 2014. (Published Friday, May 30, 2014)

    The social media scavenger hunt known as @HiddenCash made a few more drops Friday morning, with promises of more to come Saturday.

    "Stuffing birds. Bring the choppers, bring your kids, bring your friends to the beach 2mrw. This will be FUN. 11 AM," the man behind the @HiddenCash tweeted at midnight.

    Two drops were made Friday night, one in Echo Park and one in East Los Angeles.

    Earlier in the day, he left two envelopes at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino. Two people found money hidden in the gardens after deciphering his tweeted messages:

    "If you're free to enjoy the outdoors on this beautiful day, why not head to Huntington library and botanical gardens? Next 2 drops there."

    That was followed by posts indicating his had arrived on the property, with the clue:

    "They say money doesn't grow on trees, but with @HiddenCash it does! That's your clue for next 2 drops. Pics coming."

    The pictures came in tweets:

    "2nd drop today: near parking. Money does grow on trees sometimes. 3rd one closeby, soon. pic.twitter.com/AFS18YV98J"

    "Here's the 3rd, and more to come this afternoon. Very close to the 2nd. pic.twitter.com/6N81PDow8K"

    A separate tweet said additional drops will be made in LA Friday night and into the weekend.

    The first and second clues of the morning drove people to Pasadena, where Cassandra Mercury, also known as Twitter user @helloshinyworld, found $145 at Firehouse Recording Studio.

    A person described as a successful real estate investor has been hiding money in different California cities and using the Twitter account@HiddenCash to provide followers with clues to find envelopes that have contained more than $200 inside, signed "With Love, @hiddencash."

    The clues have been drawing large crowds, and the person behind the account took to Twitter just after midnight Friday to address the purpose behind the hunt, and to implore people to be safe while hunting for cash.

    In the message, the person behind @HiddenCash details how the project started and what contributed to the success of the movement, but advised followers to participate in the search with caution. The note also stated that @HiddenCash would "take time in the next several weeks to figure out how to best move forward in a way that keeps @hiddencash fun and safe."

    Crowds scrambled to Burbank Thursday night, where three people located envelopes stuffed with cash hidden around Empire Center. Earlier in the day, crowds circled a fountain in Los Feliz to find the first SoCal envelope.

    Aerial video showed crowds rushing bus stops and grassy knolls as cars backed up on surface streets after the Burbank clues were posted.

    Burbank police called the situation a traffic nightmare, and expressed safety concerns about the frenzy that ensured after the clues were released. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department issued a statement Friday morning, also via Twitter, asking the crowds to be "safe and considerate."

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